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iPhone Vehicle Dock With Built-In FM Transmitter

2.20 LBS

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Product Description

With this iPhone vehicle dock, you can enjoy music anywhere you drive using your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Designed for easy use through your existing vehicle audio system, this iPhone vehicle dock's built-in FM tuner is controlled with your iPhone or iPod Touch using a free App available through the App Store. The application will allow you to control the FM tuner using the iPod Touch or iPhones touch screen interface. The dock will also charge your device while listening to music.


  • Easy & quick vehicle installation
  • Wireless FM transmitter works through any existing vehicle FM radio
  • Flexible stalk allows you to perfectly position your unit
  • Charges iPod Touch or iPhone while you listen
  • Unit can be positioned to function in portrait or landscape view
  • Aux-In cable included for use in vehicles with audio input jacks
  • Dock Dimensions (arms closed): 2.6 in (W) X 4 in (H) X 2.2 in (D)
  • Flexible Shaft Dimensions: 0.43 in (D) X 3.1 in (L)
  • Power Interface/Mount Dimensions: 1.3 in (W) X 4.4 in (L)
  • Dock Rotation: 200* Max (100* in either direction)
  • Weight: 5.5oz
  • Power requirement: 11-16v DC
  • Current consumption: 800mA (max)
  • Audio output type: Stereo 3.5mm connector
  • Line output level: Variable - 250mV - 1.8V (RMS)
  • FM Modulator (Built-in): PowerConnect Type
  • FM Direct Output (Option): 2.5mm Mono (for use with optional FMDA25)

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPhone 3G
  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPod Touch (1st generation)
  • Apple iPod Touch (2nd generation)
  • Apple iPod Touch (3rd generation)
  • Apple iPod Touch (4th generation)

Package Includes:

    • iPhone Vehicle Dock
    • Aux-In cable
    • iPhone and iPod Touch spacers
    • User guide

Please note: All models require iPhone OS 3.0 or later. Apple iPhone or iPod Touch devices are NOT included.


iPhone vehicle dock detailed imageiPhone vehicle dock bare detailed imageiPhone vehicle dock side detailed image

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my iPhone vehicle dock to listen to music stored on my iPod, through my vehicle's radio?

      • Yes. However, you will need to use the XM SkyDock App to change FM Channels on the built-in FM Transmitter.

How do I install the Free XM SkyDock App?

      • Using your iPod touch or iPhone, you can install the XM SkyDock App directly from the App Store. Due to the file size, you must have a WiFi connection.

How does this iPhone vehicle dock play in my vehicle?

      • This vehicle dock plays through your vehicle's existing radio using the built-in FM Transmitter, the included Aux In Cable, if your vehicle has Aux In capability, or using a cassette adapter (sold separately). The built-in FM transmitter allows you to play musical content through your vehicle's FM radio. If your vehicle has Aux In capability, (many newer vehicles do) it provides optimal performance. If you are not handy, or if you are experiencing difficulty, you can have your vehicle dock connected by a professional installer.

What is the FM button on the front of this iPhone vehicle dock used for?

      • The FM button can turn the FM Transmitter ON and OFF, regardless of whether or not the App is running. If the App is running, you can also use the FM button to rotate though the FM channel presets you have previously set up in the App's Settings menu.

Can I set up the FM transmitter to play through multiple FM channels on my vehicle's radio?

      • Yes, this vehicle dock can be configured to transmit music on any FM channel. You can set up to four FM presets to easily toggle through using the FM button on the front of the vehicle when the App is running.

What does the Power button on the front of this iPhone vehicle dock do?

      • The Power button allows you to turn OFF the vehicle dock, if you decide to leave your iPod touch or iPhone inserted, and your cigarette lighter power socket does not turn OFF with the key.
      • Note: To turn the vehicle dock OFF, simply press and HOLD the Power button for 3 seconds. The blue lights will turn OFF. Turning the dock OFF will not turn off your iPod touch or iPhone. Press and HOLD the Power button again to turn the dock back ON.

What iPod touch & iPhone models and software version is this vehicle dock compatible with?

      • This iPhone vehicle dock is compatible with iPod touch (1st generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 and iPhone4S. You may need to remove bumber cover or any other case from your phone. All Models require iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Does this iPhone vehicle dock charge my iPod touch or iPhone?

      • Yes, this vehicle dock will charge the battery of your iPod touch or iPhone every time it's inserted, as long as the dock is receiving power from your vehicle.

I have an iPhone. If I receive a phone call while my iPhone is in the vehicle dock, will the phone audio be heard over my vehicle's radio?

      • If you leave your iPhone in the iPhone vehicle dock when you answer the call, the phone audio will come from the speakers built into the iPhone. However, if your vehicle has a built-in Bluetooth hands-free system, then your call will be heard through that system and not the iPhone speakers.

My iPod touch or iPhone is in an aftermarket protective case. Can I use it in this iPhone vehicle dock without removing the case?

    • Possibly. This iPhone vehicle dock comes with adjustable grips that are compatible with many aftermarket cases for iPod touch or iPhone. However, some protective cases are too thick, and do not allow the iPod touch or iPhone to connect properly into the dock. If your case is too thick, you will need to remove it before you dock your iPod touch or iPhone.

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