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PIE '98 - '06 Audi Aux-Input w/ 5-Volt Power XM5-AUD

Item Number: XM5-AUD
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Product Information

PIE '98 - '06 Audi Aux-Input w/ 5-Volt Power XM5-AUD

The XM5-AUD combines PIE's proven adapter technology with the power adaptation needs of XM & Sirius Satellite Radio receivers. Once properly installed (instructions included), not only will you immediately enjoy the best possible sound quality that XM & Sirius have to offer but the convenience of having the power jack plug right into your radio with out need for a cigarette lighter plug. The XM5-AUD knowS when your vehicle is turned on or off, and will cause your Satellite Radio receiver to turn on and off accordingly. The XM5 will also charge the battery on your portable unit while the vehicle is on.

XM5 PROTOCOL CONVERTERS are design to use the CD Changer port of selected OEM radios to provide a direct audio input plus all necessary power connections. The XM5 protocol converters consist of a vehicle specific harness that connects to the OEM radio directly or via a pre-wired data cable. A small 2.5" X 3.5" converter box houses a 5-Volt DC jack and a 3.5mm audio jack. Any 5 volt receiver may then be connected into the DC and audio jacks utilizing the included DC power and 3.5mm audio cable(s). The XM5 protocol converter will power the receiver when the vehicle is running or the key is in ignition position. The receiver will automatically turn off when the vehicle is turned off.

Note: It is crucial that you refer to the P.I.E. DPX protocol converter application guide for special notes and details on each specific vehicle. Applicable years vary depending on the model of the vehicle.

Vehicle Compatibility

Compatible Receivers:

XM Receivers:

Sirius Receivers:

Graphic is for illustrative purposes only. Actual adapter may vary slightly. Installation instructions are included with the product.